How to build a highly effective Angular team

What is the secret sauce in exceptionally effective Angular teams?

Discover one of the keys that will unlock an Angular team's agility.

The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it. Elbert Hubbard

How can an Angular team be as agile as a clippin-fast cheetah on smooth sand?

What if your Angular team was as good at whipping up code as McDonald's is at opening new french-fry houses?

Say, what does it take to build an effective Angular team?

Notice. I said build.

Yup my friend, build is the buzz word here.

Building takes time and energy. It takes commitment and skills.

Just like mechanics obsess over tweaking a motor till it purrs like a cat a great Angular team will be obsessed with tuning it's output.

So what needs to be built? And what should we be focusing on?

Effectiveness begins with culture

Here's the hard truth - there are no quick-fix pills and steroids that will make an Angular team whiz-bang effective. All the best practices, newest methods and latest discoveries will be useless to an Angular team UNLESS the culture is a healthy environment for growth and agility. An exceptional Angular team will be given the chance to blossom as the culture of that team evolves.

Don't run around the big wide web looking for a chicken-swinging consultant with a pink tie to teach your team that they must indent the lines by 4 spaces instead of 3 because that's how big-name-famous-company does it. You're banging the wrong nail, buddy!

Instead you need to be reaching for the roots of your team - culture.

Culture is a lot like the roots of a tree. They're hidden - covered beneath the surface of the dirt - but as the roots are watered and fertilized the tree above flourishes. If you forget about the roots then the rest of the tree will die.

Why such obsession over culture?

The culture dictates how your team acts which ultimately dictates the type of results your team creates.

And let's be clear - culture is not that 78 page employee manual that was last updated in 2003. Culture is how people act when no one is watching. It is how your team handles correction and mistakes. It's the way your team plays together on the football field of code war. It dictates how your team acts when squeezed out of their comfort zone. And how they flex under pressure.

So what kind of culture do you want to create?

Here's the sauce. Are you ready?

You want to create a culture where everyone is a humble leader.

And when I say leader I'm not talking about the trumpeting-macho-Hitler type or pulpit-banging preacher. I'm talking about leading by example.

The best leaders in the world lead by example. And a winning team is a club of humble people that lead by example.

An exceptionally effective Angular team is a club of humble people that lead by example. Daniel Kreider

Buddy, do you understand what I'm saying? It's important that you grasp the depth of what you just read.

What other important ingredients need to be part of your Angular team's culture?

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
    • Willing to accept feedback without taking it personally. Willing to be aware of personal flaws. This is a way to be honest with each other. Not to attack each other but to help each other improve.
  • Full Responsibility
    • Every team member should be asking "If this was my company and my money what decision would I make?"
  • Humility
    • It's better to work with a humble novice then a developer with 50 years of experience that isn't willing to be corrected or improve. It's likely he hasn't made an effort to improve since he left college.

And now you have it - the simple secret sauce to make an highly effective Angular team. It can take years to build a great culture but once it's built and maintained the other things fall into place because now you have a culture that stimulates growth & productivity which in turn boosts the company.

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