Daniel Kreider

Angular Developer & Consultant


Hi there! 🤗

There are a lot of things I'm bad at.

I don't know how to change the oil in my car.

I can't market my way out of a paper bag.

And I don't even have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account.

But I do know a thing or two about the Angular framework.

I've written over 100 blog posts about Angular that have been read more than 536,198 times.

A little while ago I showed up as an invited guest on the Adventures in Angular podcast.

Plus I'm the author of two open-source Angular libraries - ngx-loading-buttons and ngx-search-filter.

As well as the author of the “Angular Testing” book.

And the “Angular Performance Guide” that teaches developers how to double or even triple the performance of an Angular app.

I've also contributed to the Angular project.


As well as some other popular open source projects like Tensorflow, Angular and ASP.NET Core.

And as an interesting side-note, I recently got a nano-degree in Ethical Hacking from Udacity.

Oh! Before I forget to tell you...

Angular might be hard to master, but once you know how to use it you'll feel like a million bucks. I mean... that's how it was for me anyway. 😄

What services do you offer?

Sure, here's a few of the Angular development services that I offer.

Are you available for hire?

Need an Angular developer?

I probably am available for any type of work, consulting or training that involves Angular or ASP.NET Core.

Just reach out with a quick message and I'll respond asap.


Daniel Kreider - Angular Developer